Board Members

Dylan Pannell


My goal since joining the BCCOA in 2017 was to ensure that our membership has a strong union backing and is protected while performing our lawful duties. Through the determination and hard work of the Board and the support of its membership we will continue to grow as a professional organization.
Eric Willadsen


Hello! Welcome to the new BCCOA Website! I am excited to be part of the BCCOA board and representing the 100+ members within our Union. As Treasurer and a member of the union myself, I have made it my goal to increase our public outreach in an effort to gain support from the community to show the people on "The Hill" that the Deputies and Technicians inside the walls are deserving of the taxpayers dollar.
Brock Stratton


Christine Curtis


Steven Auldridge

Correctional Deputy at Large

Regina Alvarado

Correctional Technician at Large